HCW, Financial Planner

The Network has been instrumental in the building of my business. I started out nervous about getting out there and let's say less than confident! But through The Network’s stewardship and guidance I told my story and I told it again and again and I flexed that muscle. I have always come from a place of 'How can I help?' - but this Network allowed me to meet like-minded people and put that to work. I am grateful to all the incredible people that I have met and the business relationships and friendships I have built through the community that The Network established. Siobhan is straightforward, genuine and creative in her approach and her willingness to help people succeed, I highly recommend the Networking Hub. Check it out yourself, it will be time well spent, I promise you that.

BNN, Cultural Communications Specialist

The Network has played an invaluable role in my business to date. It has offered me a focussed space for learning about myself as a business owner and manager, provided the space to connect with other business owners to share ideas and connections, and it has helped me to maintain motivation and self-belief so that I can offer my clients the best service I can.

KG, Financial Advisor

As a business owner, I have found The Network to be an excellent way of networking with like-minded business owners. Support and ideas are given both personally and professionally to the network members during the virtual meet-ups and being able to connect as well as receive & give support to others through The Networking Hub are invaluable.

SK, Compliance & HR Consultant

The Network is highly skilled at bringing the right people together in the right context to network and establish meaningful connections that foster positive business relationships. The comes a wealth of professional experience behind the founder and she oozes a genuine positivity that makes her projects and events stand out and memorable for any attendee or member. Her attention to detail and recall of your particular business characteristics can lead to meaningful networking and a steer towards business opportunity.

SZ, Retail eCommerce

Before joining The Network, I would have been blinkered in my view of the kind of business owners I should be networking with, however, The Network has opened that up and allowed you to learn from each other even if your businesses are different. It has also allowed me to exchange ideas from a personal perspective with other business owners and support each other. It has taught me the importance of networking and having a group of supporters that you can reach out to, you are never alone.

BF, Cultural Communications Specialist

Sometimes, I leave a meeting or a one-to-one meeting, with a referral that leads to a super business opportunity; sometimes I leave having learned something new that is valuable for my business and growth; every single time, I leave with a spring in my step, with new energy to continue to face any challenges that arise and to be able to seize opportunities that come my way. I highly recommend becoming a member of The Network.

NM, Event Strategist

The Network has been a brilliant connector for me and my business. After chatting about where we are directing things with our business the founder had a list of people for me to meet. Weeks later we are still reaping the benefits of that meeting and of all the brilliant advice she gave! The Network also has been a brilliant meeting place to connect with other businesses at various stages in their journeys. It is such a warm and inviting network.