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Siobhan Fitzpatrick

FREE WEBINAR on The Power of Digital Networking Explained

Wednesday 22nd September
9 AM – 10 AM IST

Lost opportunities, missed connections and staying small, are some of the results which can impact us when we let our fear of networking in a digital space get in the way of progress.

Digital networking has no borders, and when used correctly, allows us to:

– Reach anyone around the world (LinkedIn currently has over 760m users!!!)
– Engage in conversations
– Create business opportunities that we could only dream of before, and
– Open job opportunities, investor interest and so much more.

Now more than ever, it is critical & relevant to develop our network of connections, and LinkedIn is exploding with activity and opportunities, yet many people do not unlock its full potential (which is available to us FREE by the way!).

If any of the following resonate with you when considering engaging in the digital space, we can help:

– Unsure where to start, so are happy to browse and stay on the sidelines
– It’s too far out of your comfort zone!!
– Lack the confidence
– Imposter syndrome – worried what you have to share/say is not important or valid
– Unsure of the networking etiquette online

This FREE one-hour interactive webinar will show you how to step into your own comfort zone so that you can communicate and connect with confidence.

“I, like a lot of people, have a LinkedIn page, but just never did anything with it. Didn’t really understand what to do with it… They were so energetic in how they explained everything, they made it easy… So, after the webinar, I set about updating my profile… started connecting… Surprisingly, people started coming back. I had a lady who wanted me to do some design work for her… and for another customer of hers… I have a long way to go with my LinkedIn page, but I do see the possibilities and I do think it’s a fantastic tool.”
Maria Gallagher, Owner & Graphic Designer at re:design (watch Maria’s video testimonial)