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    This channel is specifically for TNH updates, news, and announcements (ie: upcoming meetings, courses, etc).  Ask specific questions about your membership or the tools and resources provided.

    Siobhan Fitzpatrick

    Member Insight Opportunity

    Who has yet to take up the opportunity of doing a ‘Member Insight’ presentation? There are opportunities open over the coming months.

    Reasons to consider it:
    * A chance to step onto the virtual podium and tell people about yourself and your business
    * As a presenter, you get to tell EVERYONE in attendance who you are and what you do!
    * Gain more 1-2-1 requests/business interest
    * Open doors to opportunities that might otherwise have remained hidden
    * Gain confidence
    * Practice public speaking

    Really I could go on and on here with the list of benefits. And can only think of one reason not to consider doing it – You don’t need more business or contacts!

    RSVP here or email me directly at

    Siobhan Fitzpatrick

    We currently have 5 remaining places for THE POWER OF DIGITAL NETWORKING – EXPLAINED webinar tomorrow morning, if any of you are interested in learning how to improve opportunities through online networking. That is 5 out of 300!!! We’re just overwhelmed with the response and are looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Date/Time: Wednesday, 22nd September from 9 AM – 10 AM IST

    Best wishes

    Siobhan Fitzpatrick

    Happy Thursday all.
    Thank you to those of you who are ALREADY putting your VIP PASSES to great use 🙌🏻 We have new business professionals joining us from the States, Europe and Ireland so far for our next meeting on the 14th October.

    I appreciate your efforts and know that everyone will benefit from each other’s efforts. Keep up the great work in gifting these passes to B2B SME’s worldwide 💯
    📌 Plus don’t forget to register for the October events and get them into your diary early.
    Have a fab day, Siobhán

    Siobhan Fitzpatrick


    The Networking Hub has reached another incredible milestone. We’ve just signed up our first USA member!

    What’s the big deal I hear you say?
    Well, here’s the deal. When I started this business just over a year ago, one of the goals I set myself and the business, was to engage with and attract like-minded professionals within the SME B2B space from America, Europe and Asia (and everywhere in between). And in doing so, bring a rich mix of cultures, experience, intellect and knowledge for us all to grow and learn from. Yes, there’s still a long way to go, but today I am going to take a moment to celebrate this win and thank Ruke for having faith in me, The Networking Hub and its ability to support his business networking goals.

    Just take a look at where we have people dialling in from tomorrow!. It really demonstrates that dreams which become goals that become fact, really do come true when you put the work in!

    Connecting Minds & Miles

    Hope we’ll see you tomorrow to share in our celebration.

    Marian Murphy

    Congratulations Siobhan, very exciting!

    Siobhan Fitzpatrick

    Thanks, Marian. It is very exciting. Plus we have another joining us in December whom I look forward to introducing to you all.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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